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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sun 4 Nov 2018, Day 336

Sun 4 Nov 2018, Day 336
Staying with Grant Freeme at Comfrey Cottage Guest House, Lady Grey
Distance 13777
Total from Amsterdam  19177

A night of high winds but no rain … yet. The whole tent inside had a layer of sand coating everything, my mouth was even gritty. Thunderstorms predicted for midday so hoping that George and Gerda would allow us to sleep in one of their cottages. All their rooms were vacated this morning but the cleaning lady only comes in tomorrow. A nice change was having a sweet pawpaw with our raw oats and yoghurt. Peter downloaded all the books and movies onto a hard drive for Grant, Gerda and George, they all have kindles. We watched a few touring cycle U tubes but I left them to wash off all the sand blown into our tent.

We heard thunder in the distance and George showed me a cottage that hadn’t been cleaned and said we could sleep on the floor in the lounge and put our bikes in the kitchen. I was thrilled with this arrangement. Within 15 minutes we had taken down the tent and all panniers were carried over to the cottage. I washed a few glasses and mugs which the youngsters had dirtied. It will be bliss not having sand rain down on us and sleeping without the tent flapping tonight. More thunder storms are predicted for tomorrow and Tuesday. Our turn to cook supper tonight and as Lady Grey doesn’t have a decent butcher Gerda took out a packet of chicken breasts and we’ll make an Indian curry using a tin of Mexican spicy tomatoes?

The supermarket didn’t have Indian tomatoes. Will bulk it up with potatoes, a few carrots and mushrooms. If Gerda has red lentils, I’ll make a pot of Turkish soup as well. Grant buys a lot of cycling stuff from and one item I’m particularly keen on googling is a Gore waterproof jacket and Asos cycle shorts. Peter bought a square 5 litre folding Ortlieb water container for washing dishes, clothes or ourselves in. We’d lost our one ages ago when it fell off the back of Peter’s back rack, camping at a teachers training collage in Kenya, I think. I cooked our favourite Turkish soup and was going to make Indian curry turned into a Mexican dish and improvised a bit but it all turned out okay.

We have our thermorests on the floor in one of the bedrooms and are both happy bunnies so night night from us and lekker slaap (sleep well) xx


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