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Guy on a Bike – Sat 19 May 2018, Day 167


Staying GloJa Foundation, Ngara
Distance 42 + 6243 = 6285
Average 13.3
Time on bike 3 h 06 m
Total from Amsterdam 11685
Location S10.212593, E34.095812
Harry and Megan are getting married today, wonder if we’ll be able to find dstv to watch the procedings, doubt it. Shared books with Zander while having breakfast then rode with him to the main road where he turned left towards the border and we went in search of a bank and a shop to buy a simcard. Lady at the first Airtel place was still half asleep or inebriated. Found a kiosk on the road and the guy there knew what he was doing. We got a 3.5 gig sim for K7300. We haven’t seen tuk tuks or motor cycles acting as taxis but there sre hundreds of young men on bicycles providing a service of taking people to where they need to go. We thought the 40 km ride would be a piece of cake, but with a stiff breeze and fourth consecutive day of riding made the going slow and tough for me. Peter was riding his normal way … switched off and increasing the gap between us. We thought we’d be able to buy water along the way but all tiny spaza shops only had 500 ml bottles.We had enough water to see us through to the FloJa Foundation. A room would have cost $20 pp which is pricey so we’ve opted to camp at $7 pp. It’s right on the lake and with the sound of small waves breaking on the shore,  we’re sure to sleep well tonight. We met Jill from Ottawa, Canada who is in her eigth month doing voluntary work teaching children in a nearby village and I watched the tail end of the Royal wedding she was streaming on her tablet.The FloJa Foundation was founded by a Dutch couple, Floor and Jan in 2008 and was taken over two years ago by Andre and Pauline also from the Netherlands. They arrived this afternoon from having spent six weeks in their home country. Had tea and popcorn with them, then went to see mommy pig and her ten, two day old piglets, so so cute. Their manager, Collett got us bread, tomatoes and eggs and  using the Foundation’s kitchen we made a spaghetti, of sorts. For desert we ate the pawpaw that Jill had given us. 20h15 and reading in our tent that we haven’t used since staying at Jungle Junction in Nairobi. The wind has dropped and I’m holding thumbs that it’ll stay wind free for tomorrow’s ride of 50 km. Night all xx- Zander, going north and Peter and I about to head south

– Bicycle taxi

– A gorgeous tree

– Mrs Pig and her 10 babies

– Jill, Paulien and Andre with the scruffy and dirty couple, riding home

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