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Crazy Guy on Bike – Tue 9 Oct 2018, Day 310

Tue 9 Oct 2018, Day 310
Camping at Oanob (Dam) Lake Resort,  Rehoboth
Distance 95 +11844 = 11939
Average 16.7
Time 5 h 40 m
Total from Amsterdam 17339
Location S23.322468, E17.01597

Left at 06h32 … another emotional farewell. We enjoyed our stay with fellow Knysna-arians and will miss their relaxed acceptance with two old fogies on bikes having stuff lying all over their lounge. Dennis and Jane, you’ve got your privacy and space back. We appreciate you sharing your home with us.

The ride out of -Windhoek wasn’t as bad as on Thursday and we had rolling hills to take the boredom out of riding flat. The km’s flashed by and we were blessed wirh a 7 o’clock breeze. We had two stops, one for a sandwich, the other for an apple, then meeting Anita and Enrico from Zurich, Switzerland was great. We knew our friends from Cape Town, Claire and Philip were planning to fly to Windhoek to collect their Landcruiser to drive back to Cape Town but we didn’t know if or when we might see them … so when Peter called out ‘Philip’s about to overtake us’ I choked up as it was so nice to see them. Big hugs and then back on the road cycling to Shoprite at the local mall.

First on the shopping list was beers and ice and then Philip and Claire bought rump steak and salad stuff for a braai. The only camp ground in Rehoboth was at Oanob Dam, 9.5 km from Shoprite, 6 km on gravel. Claire and Philip went ahead while we struggled with ‘too hard’ tyres and ‘too lazy’ to let them down for only 6 km of gravel. They met us along the way and told us we had a campsite with lapa and fantastic new ablution. (Thanks guys, we’ll bring you a bottle of Malawian gin when we go there next year). Philip went to the reception to exchange warm beers for cold ones and we all had a dip in the pool other than Claire. Gin and bitter lemon went down well with the steaks, off cuts and fat went to the two siamese puddytats. Black chocolate and coffee to complete a lovely supper then we’ll hit the hay, Claire and Philip’s day started at 04h00, ours at 5 so we’ll all fading fast. Lala salama everyone


– Leaving Dennis + Jane’s, Windhoek
– Claire and Philip in their Cruiser
– Another very affectionate kitty
– Our campsite at Oanob Dam
– A magic sunset from our lapa
– Braai’d rumpsteak