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Crazy Guy on a Bike – Fri 7 Sep 2018, Day 278

Rest day at Brenda Vorster’s home, Otjiwarongo
Distance 11 + 10965 = 10976
Total from Amsterdam 16376

Brenda’s comfortable spare room bed was just what we needed after yesterday’s ride. I have a cycle pimple that has grown somewhat and is now a ‘biggie’ so back on a course of Amoxycillin pills to clear it up. The only other treatment is to keep the bottom off the saddle for a while but that’s not going to happen. I bought a roll of Micropore this morning and will plak a piece over the pimple before we saddle up again. So sad to hear of Burt Reynolds’ passing, aged 82. Spar here in Otjiwarongo have the most amazing store … it’s huge with everything the heart desires or the grocery cupboard needs. Got all emotional when I saw koeksusters made by Francor bakery all the way from Parow. We were going to top up our ‘mtc’ simcard but was told left over data only expires after 60 days. I wanted to buy a box of ‘Cape Cookies, Honey and Almonds’ rusks ?? but forgot ??. We then rode down to the Toyota dealership to see if they had the new Toyota Rush model in their showroom but instead found a place to watch the All Blacks Argentina game of rugby tomorrow at 09h35. They close at noon so won’t be able to see the SA Australia game at 12h00. Then looked for the campground where they have a TV but couldn’t find the place. Also tried a few other places but it appears the nice hotels or lodges don’t have a TV for the public. Brenda told us last night that the soccer fraternity get a bit unruly so the Casa Forno restaurant and C’est Si Bon Hotel and Lodge, that she manages, no longer have TVs in public areas. If we don’t find a place to watch the second match we’ll bid Brenda and Jock farewell and hit the road … after I’ve bought a box of Cape Cookies rusks ??.

I made macaroni cheese for supper and there’s enough for the three of us for tomorrow night. We’ve had a lovely time staying with Brenda and her Staffie, Jock and appreciate her sharing her space and especially her bathroom with two scruffy cyclists. She has a huge job being responsible for managing both the Casa Forno restaurant and the C’est Si Bon Hotel and Lodge and is at work by 06h00, six (sometimes seven) days a week. We, especially Peter, will miss her boy as he has enjoyed playing fetch with Jock, throwing his tiny tyre. Jock’s tail is like a whip, it doesn’t stop wagging or turning in circles ??????. Time to read a few lines, night night ????

– Brenda’s dog Jock and her comfortable home

– Downtown in Otjiwarongo, a vibrant town with a great Spar supermarket, Shoprite, Foschini, Wimpy and many other South African stores

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