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Holistic financial planning

You recently received our communication regarding the ongoing support Origin offers to you during Covid-19. Now we would like to elaborate on the holistic approach we take when a client is taken on board as a member of the Origin family.

The word “Origin” has the following definition that is of particular relevance to our brand and the promise we make to all our clients: “The place where something begins”.

You may ask: “Where what begins?” At Origin Financial we strive to establish a prosperous and long-term professional relationship, to stay committed to our clients and walk a path with you through the good times and the bad.

How do we do this? By listening to your needs and looking after your interests. By being able to help you put together a holistic financial plan and finding the most appropriate solutions to implement through a wide range of independent product providers.

Origin embraces financial planning through a multifaceted process that not only provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions, but also includes integration with your family, trust, business, employees and all connected persons and entities. A well-structured plan helps you identify how various aspects of your portfolio and finances ultimately affect your financial goals. As a result, we are able to offer the following services independently when walking the path through all phases of life with our clients:

  • Financial and Estate Planning
  • Long Term Insurance
  • Retirement and Investment Planning
  • Short Term Insurance (Personal and Business)
  • Medical Aid and Gap Cover
  • Business Assurance (to manage the risk in your business and continuity)
  • Employee Benefits (to look after your employees and their families)
  • Tax & Accounting Services (Personal & Business)
  • Trust and Fiduciary Services (including the drawing of your will and trust deeds)
  • Specialised advice areas to include share portfolio structuring and structured insurance or self-funding of risks.

The next time you interact with your Origin adviser for a review of your portfolio, he/she will treat the process as per the following personal experience from one of our advisers:

“After months of negotiations, I recently signed up a new client, Mr X. I was tasked with restructuring his personal and commercial short-term risks, and to compare and negotiate the best cover and structure for his needs. He is a businessman and he owns numerous properties, as well as being the Managing Director of a business called ZZZ.

“During our interactions and communication, I became aware of Mr X’s other needs: his concerns regarding taxes and fees in his estate, and the risks and other implications of his investment decisions. He was also unsure if his medical aid plan suits his family, as his son uses chronic medication, something the existing plan does not cover. His other concerns pertain to his staff’s absence from work when falling ill, and the future of the business if his manager, who is a specialist in her field, should become seriously ill or disabled.”

“I assured him that the Origin team of Wealth, Health, Wills and Tax & Accounting advisers can assist him through the entire range of financial solutions that we at Origin Financial offer. Our product ranges include short-term insurance, life assurance, medical aid, employee benefits, business assurance and contingency plans, investments, and taxation services and cover. I advised that we offer a full financial and needs analysis from certified experts in each of these fields”.

“Mr X is now fully aware that we offer the “one-stop- shop” model for all his financial needs and that we will interact with him regularly to include all financial planning aspects of his personal and business needs. Mr X has also taken up various of our holistic financial planning offers as he realises he will work with 2 or 3 certified planners in the Origin group, who will also review his unique financial plan regularly and keep him informed of industry-related changes.”

The Origin team looks forward to assisting you in all your risk and financial planning needs. Even now, during the lock down phases, when we all experience financial strain, let us review your whole portfolio as this will lead to proper calculated risks and could reduce benefits or help you find better premium options for the benefits you need.