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Guy on a Bike – Wed 6 June 2018, Day 185

Rest day at Jaqleen’s Lodge, Salima
Distance 6895
Total from Amsterdam 12295

We had a great lie in, a cool breakfast of sweet potatoes, omelette, bread and a banana. Got the washing done and while Peter fiddled writing an email to Wiesenhof Coffee while I caught up on reading. The blanket on our bed weighs a ton and it feels like there’s a blanket inside a blanket ?? weird. Went for a walk to the market for slap chips and managed to buy nice ripe naartjies and three pawpaws. We’ll devour the pawpaws … had one after supper, second cut up for breakfast and third we’ll eat on the road tomorrow. We’ll be doing some climbing so have started munching away on vetkoek topped with peanut butter and banana and supper will be chicken stew, same as last night with sweet potatoes added to bulk it up. The meat is always a small portion, rice plentiful. I’m ploughing through my book Down the Darkest Road, the third book in a trilogy by Tami Hoag. Lala salama xx

PS  I only took the bark and slap chips pics today, others from a few days ago

– Slap chips for lunch from a street food vendor

– Bark from various trees, Mmm would love to know what they use this stuff for

–  Sign says it all

– We get all excited when we see road nicely tarred. It’s generally only for a few hundred metres ??

– This bridge is also used by trucks, buses and tankers

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