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Crazy guy on Bike – Sat 29 Sept 2018, Day 300

Sat 29 Sept 2018, Day 300
Staying with Pat and Achim Lorenz, Swakopmund
Distance 11460
Total from Amsterdam 16860

21h10 and I’m about to start putting ‘pen to paper’ or more like ‘finger to the screen’. I lazed in bed until after 10 this morning and pretty much did nothing other than scour the hard skin on my heels while Peter took the dogs for a walk. After lunch I updated the summary of our time in Malawi and fiddled a bit with my panniers. My back wheel is still losing pressure gradually and Peter said he’d blow out the valve again tomorrow. It was great seeing Pat and Achim who arrived home around 4 pm. Two very happy pooches jumped for joy when they saw Pat and Achim. After hellos and hugs their children Gerrit, Claudia, baby Alexander and Phoebe as well as Pat’s sister Colleen and husband Goofie arrived for the rugby and a braai. SA beat Australia 23-12, they didn’t play well but a win is a win. New Zealand take on Argentina in the wee hours tomorrow morning which Peter will get up to watch. We had a delicious three course braai .. soup and beer bread, Gerrit braai’d tasty chicken wings, prawn skewers, lamb ribbetjie, pork chops and Claudia made a lovely green salad. Colleen, not me, brought along a peppermint tart that was ‘to die for’. My eyes are shutting so I’ll end off here. Nite nite xx



– Rasco and Bongi waiting for Mom
 and Dad to come home
– Rugby and a braai at the Lorenz home
– Two old touring cyclists met the most amazing couple while battling up a steep hill in Malawi, Pat and Achim Lorenz
– The Swakopmund Hotel, previously the old railway station and a few lovely old buildings