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Crazy Guy on Bike – Sat 1 Dec, 2018. Day 363

Sat 1 Dec, 2018. Day 363

Staying with Johan and Mickey de Reuck, Touwsberg
Distance 20 322 km

A day of sleeping in for all of us, then everyone sorting out their own breakfast. Mickey kindly washed our cycling gear and hung our tired looking bits and pieces of clothing on her make shift washline. A bit later Johan took us all for a drive in the reserve … saw ostriches, kudu, one springbok and several giraffes. Their home here is comfortable in the tranquil reserve and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Lunch was left over braai from last night and we all had a rest other than 10 year old Joshua who was engrossed with his Xbox tv game. Peter downloaded movies and Johan braai’d lekker chicken, Mickey made potato and green salads. Peter and I feel very rested after spending two nights with Johan, my cousin, and his kind and generous wife, Mickey. Joshua is also a well mannered kid. Thanks guys. Tomorrow is a long ride of +- 104 km to Montagu with head wind from 11h00 so we are hoping to be riding by 06h00. Night all.


– Mickey’s makeshift washline

– Mum and baby giraffe keeping a safe distance from us

– Mickey, grandson Joshua and my cousin, Johan

– Cousins, Johan older by three months