Origin Financial

Mission and Vision

At Origin, we focus on the most important aspect in financial services: you, the client. We assess each client’s lifestyle and needs to structure an integrated and tailored financial plan. We want to be the origin of your financial independence.

When did the financial services industry become all about mountains of paperwork and faceless interactions? When did it stop being about the client and more about fitting everyone into one-size-fits-all boxes? At Origin, we’re committed to going back to the source. Back to you. We start by assessing your unique situation and needs before working with each other and you in forming an integrated, customised financial plan.

We believe in following a structured methodology that provides a step-by-step guide to what you need, what we can provide, how we are going to combine this into a workable solution and plan, and finally, how we are going to monitor it and manage it over the long-term to maximize your results. It’s not a simple goal, but one we’re absolutely committed to: we want to be the origin of your financial independence.

Practically speaking… In order for us to identify your possible risk exposures, we will perform a thorough needs analysis. Once we have identified the possible risks, we can propose adequate solutions to insure against them. Based on our findings, we will discuss and agree on the plan and policies we put in place to protect you and your assets and build financial independence and wealth.

We will also agree to meet on a regular basis to review the safeguards in place, and after advice, implement whatever decisions have been made jointly.