Origin Financial


Origin is assisted by competent external compliance officers, doing regular audits to ensure that we remain compliant to the changing legislation and requirements as set down by the Financial Services Board (FSB).

Compliance Officer Details

Providus Compliance Consulting (Pty) Ltd:

P.O. Box 1018, Durbanville, 7551
Compliance Officer: Nicol Moodie;
E-mail address: nicol@providus.co.za
Telephone No: (021) 979 5201, Fax No; 0862 127 778

Masthead (Pty) Ltd:

Unit 76, Millennium Business Park, Block A, Edison Way, Century City, 7441
Compliance Officer: Herman Hesse;
E-mail address: hhesse@masthead.co.za
Telephone No: (021)5554121

Conflict of Interest

As we strive to render services and provide advice to our clients that are in their best interests, we have a policy in place to avoid possible conflict of interest. We have adopted a conflict of interest management policy as required in terms of the current legislation.