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Business Financial Planning

The complexity of business structures sometimes demands that special precautions are taken to protect and indemnify individuals in respect of their interests in companies. Skilled advisors with comprehensive commercial knowledge and experience are specially trained to assist our clients in this regard.
Buy and Sell Agreements
Carefully drafted agreements between current stakeholders in business, backed up by sufficient life insurance, will ensure that your family may still enjoy the capital value of your business asset/s in the event of your untimely death or disability, while your partners continue to run and grow the business.

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Key Man Insurance
Our advisors are trained to provide specialized advice in respect of life insurance, to provide financial solutions in the event of the passing or disablement of a specialist or key member in a business. Insurance cover may provide, amongst other cover, for the loss of income, and also contributes to paying business expenses.

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Loan Accounts Insurance
Insurance can be arranged for credit or debit loan accounts in a business in the event of death or disability of a stakeholder. In a similar sense, this kind of insurance agreement may also be used to provide security against signed sureties of business loans or overdraft facilities, thus ensuring and protecting your family and estate against a business claim.

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